Brush Mowing & Mulching

Have a wooded area on your property that looks messy, overgrown, or dangerous after the storms in the last few years? Polster Industries can clean up the mess.

Our compact mulching equipment leaves minimal impact on your property and will take care of nasty underbrush, storm damage, vines, invasive plants and other nuisances. The end result is a neat layer of wood chips making your project look more like a park than a mess.

Need access for heavy equipment? Are you responsible for right or way or emergency access? We can provide commercial, municipal, utility, and residential service.

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Polster Industries offers the following brush mowing and mulching services:

    • Right of way maintenance
    • Field reclamation
    • Field mowing
    • Fence line/ Security clearing
    • Safety mowing and clearing
    • Line of sight clearing
    • Golf course brush mowing and mulching
    • Wildlife improvement clearing
    • Preserve/ Hunting club clearing
    • Residential wooded area clean up
    • Retention/Storm water pond maintenance
    • Private road brush maintenance
    • Selective undergrowth removal
    • Invasive plant mowing/ mulching
    • Land trust trail creation and maintenance
    • Municipal mulching
  • Emergency access clearing
Fully Licensed and Insured   |   HIC 0639068